Vodafone Cache

Vodafone Cash is the latest way to transfer money. This service is enjoyed With individual features about other means:

Easy to donate:

Cash is deposited in 252 branches (temporarily) from 10 am to 10 pm throughout the week, making it easy to deposit. The customer can donate through the Cache account from any time and from anywhere.

Safety :

The client does not need to carry a large sum of money under these difficult security conditions.

Efficiency of collection process :

This service provides the cost of collection of donations from donors and reduces the risk of theft of delegates. Vodafone offers this service in cooperation with the Housing and Development Bank. Vodafone regularly transfers the Foundation's donations to its bank account

To donate to 333 Specialist Gastroenterology Hospital through Vodafone Cash:

  • - The donor opens the Vodafone Cash account on his mobile number and can through any branch of the company to ship the balance and transfer to 333.
  • - You can donate directly without the need to open Vodafone Cash account through the Vodafone Cash service within the immediate service where he chooses Vodafone cash donation method and sets for 333 and deposits the amount of the donation.
  • - The donor receives a receipt to pay the amount of the donation.