Send a message from your mobile to 333 for 5 LE and write a word for it

Help us provide the latest equipment, technology and the latest technologies needed in the surgical and health care provided to our patient at the highest level and free of charge.

Let us expand by 300 new beds so that we can accept more children and not tell a child that there is no place.

Your message is possible as a joy to the family of a child completes his treatment and all hope that he will recover from cancer, God willing.

With your message, we are able to complete our research and apply the latest therapeutic methods in the treatment of our children, which help to receive treatment in the shortest time with less side effects and rapid response, God willing, which leads to raising the rates of healing and access to global healing rates

Your message will do the most difficult but the most important need is that it will return the smile of a patient  because he is treated and cured of cancer .. Do not hesitate and send a simple message to number 333, but it called a lot